How Your Supply Chain Can Win Over CustomersWhat makes your company differ- ent from all the rest?

Every day, you do everything you can to please the people who buy your products. You try to stand out from the competition. It’s not easy.

What you may not realize is, you can turn your supply chain into a competitive weapon and win over buyers, gaining sales.



Set Objectives—and Meet Them

What roadblocks stand between you and your supply chain goals?

With knowledgeable logistics experts on your side, you can create a customized solution to fit your business strategies.

You’ll obtain the tools, resources, and guidance that can help you maximize supply chain efficiency.

The result: your products can get to market faster and more cost effectively than your competitors’.

Show Why You’re the Best

Why should customers work with your company?

You have the products they want. Now, make it even easier for them to do business with you.

Inject powerful people, processes, and technology into your supply chain, and watch what happens as your shipments are optimized. Using a single global technology platform called Navisphere®, you can see your products flow to market faster.

Your customers can also see their order and delivery statuses on Navisphere, giving you smoother communications with them than ever before. Use consistent processes to deliver inbound freight, gather business data, and analyze it to make more strategic decisions. That’s how you can leverage your supply chain muscles and leave competitors behind.

Explore how you can accelerate your advantage in the supply chain. Contact: solutions@chrobinson.com

Servicios de logística internacional: 

  • $10,300 millones en 2011 de ingresos brutos
  • 10 millones de envíos manejados en 2011 (Incluyendo el negocio del manejo de la transportación)
  • $11.4 billion in gross revenues
  • 11.5 million shipments handled in 2012*
  • 10,500+employeesworldwide
  • 230+ offices worldwide
  • 56,000+ contract carriers worldwide
  • 42,000+ customers worldwide
  • Publicly owned and traded on NASDAQ (Symbol: CHRW)

*Includes transportation management business

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John Wiehoff / Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John Wiehoff / Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mission Statement:

Our people, processes, and technology improve the world’s transportation and supply chains, delivering exceptional value to our customers and suppliers.