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Prologis: Your Local Partner to Global Trade

Prologis is the leading owner, operator and developer of global industrial real estate, offering customers approximately 52.2million square meters (562 million square feet) of distribution space in markets across the globe. The company leases its operating portfolio of approximately 3,000 industrial facilities in 21 countries to manufacturers, retailers, third party logistics providers, and other enterprises with large-scale distribution needs. Prologis offers high quality, modern distribution centers and has access to the most comprehensive development expertise offering quick resolutions to facility needs.

As of Sept. 30, 2013, Prologis managed $47 billion dollars in combined total assets. The company offers its customers and investors the most modern and geographically diverse platform of distribution space in the world, enhanced by unparalleled cus- tomer service and an unwavering commitment to sustainable development.

Prologis in Latin America

Prologis offers a fully-integrated platform of land acquisition, entitlement, development, acquisition, property management and portfolio management in Latin America. Its portfolio includes Mexico and Brazil, where the company actively s key locations to provide its customers the widest range for logistics and operation. The scale of Prologis' operations in the region offers its customers the broadest ion of facilities, an unparalleled land bank and access to profound development knowledge.


Prologis' portfolio in Mexico is the largest platform of logistics and distribution facilities in the country, consisting of about 2.8 million square meters (30.5 million square feet). Prologis' industrial real estate investments in Mexico focus on key distribution driven markets, including: the State of Mexico, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Reynosa, and Ciudad Juarez. In each of these markets, Prologis has a team of talented and experienced professionals responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and responding to customer needs. With 189 state of the art facilities and over 335 hectares (800 acres) of land for development in strategic infill locations, Prologis assists customers with flexible industrial space to customers seeking facilities that will accommodate their continued growth.


Prologis is one of the most active developers in Brazil. In 2008, Prologis entered into a strategic alliance with Cyrela Commercial Properties (CCP), a leading Brazilian real estate company, to combine CCP's local expertise with Prologis' global perspective and customer base.

Prologis CCP's portfolio in Brazil's primary markets offers more than 323,000 square meters (3.4 million square feet) with an additional 1 million square meter (264 acre) land bank available for development.